Saturday, 6 April 2013

Video Making and Things

So, clearly I haven't posted a video in over a freaking month!

I'm sooo sorry you guys and I'm going to try way harder to create awesome material and have it uploaded more often... No more one or more month gaps between seeing my face!

I also haven't uploaded to this blog although I said I would, nor have I tweeted or Facebooked... Clearly my abilities to upkeep an online life are slowly dwindling to nothing! This, is especially frustrating seeing as I have so many cool ideas, and for most I even have the resources to pull it off, yet nothing ever comes of them!

School, and soon work, takes away my time. Clubs and activities take away my energy. And sheer laziness takes away my drive to bring an idea to life.

As you can clearly see, I suck. Big time.

But hopefully, now that spring is basically upon us here in Canada, I'll be able to do more cool video shooting outdoors, and put my editing skills back into practice with some trippy videos with awesome effects!

The other night I was thinking to myself, Hey maybe I can even do music videos for my own covers!!

But... Boundaries!

See you soon, DON'T GIVE UP ON ME!!!

Gavin :)

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