Saturday, 6 April 2013

People Help the People.

Video Making and Things

So, clearly I haven't posted a video in over a freaking month!

I'm sooo sorry you guys and I'm going to try way harder to create awesome material and have it uploaded more often... No more one or more month gaps between seeing my face!

I also haven't uploaded to this blog although I said I would, nor have I tweeted or Facebooked... Clearly my abilities to upkeep an online life are slowly dwindling to nothing! This, is especially frustrating seeing as I have so many cool ideas, and for most I even have the resources to pull it off, yet nothing ever comes of them!

School, and soon work, takes away my time. Clubs and activities take away my energy. And sheer laziness takes away my drive to bring an idea to life.

As you can clearly see, I suck. Big time.

But hopefully, now that spring is basically upon us here in Canada, I'll be able to do more cool video shooting outdoors, and put my editing skills back into practice with some trippy videos with awesome effects!

The other night I was thinking to myself, Hey maybe I can even do music videos for my own covers!!

But... Boundaries!

See you soon, DON'T GIVE UP ON ME!!!

Gavin :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A dream can be hard to chase, but they're easy to grab once you catch up.
-Gavin McGuinness



I honestly think technology is working against me. Like not a certain part of it. Just as a freaking whole. Like an angry mob of computer gremlins -.- . Really though. Does anyone else have this problem!? It's like when I decide to do something it decides not to let me. *sigh* oh well...

So far so good with video making! Sorry if the videos aren't SUPER interesting yet. Most of the videos I have up are vlogs... So they aren't always the best. However, I have some projects on the move that I can't wait for you guys to see! :)

Make sure to subscribe to MeekBerry on Youtube if you don't want to miss any updates!

Love ya x

Don't get cheap Henna tattoos... just.... please don't.

Hey guys, I'm Gavin (or MeekBerry on Youtube) and I'm only just starting out here on the interwebs! One of my biggest dreams is to make it online doing something I love to do, like making videos and socializing! I'm only a rookie though so don't bite my head off! Most of the time I'll be working or focusing on my Youtube channel --> . If any of you guys have a youtube account and are willing to subscribe, rate, or even watch some of my videos I'd love you forever! I'm still getting the hang of it but I'm usually a pretty silly person so that should make for some... interesting videos in the near future.

I'm always open to advice, pointers, criticism, and advice from you guys! So fire away! Also please make sure to follow this blog! It really REALLY helps! Every click on that follow button is a step closer to my dreams! Deep for someone like me ... but hey people, I'm not just another pretty face ;)

I really hope I can get to know some of you guys and that something will come of this!

Love you x